Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cars, Costumes, and Creating

That's what my day consisted of yesterday. I went to work for a half day (I was working 4 hours on Saturday, so I got to take it off on Friday), then my dad and I drove to Bellevue to pick up the Volvo, which was having some fits, from the shop. On our way back, Dad veered off the beaten path toward a costume garage sale. $6 later I walked away with my Barbie dress*. Pink, ruched, asymmetrical hem lined, accessorized with a big old flower...score! Then we wandered about Fry's for awhile and compared all the different makes of blender. After that I went solo to Target and got me some 30 Rock Season 3 on dvd (!) , and some ridiculous fake lashes with fake sparkly pink liner. Then I headed home.

Once home I ate some Taco Bell while watching Gilmore Girls, then started on my Barbie jewelry. I now have hot pink earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring to go with my hot pink dress and shoes. All I need now is a shrug or something to put over the dress (preferably purple) and a wig (darn my short hair!) Then, still feeling crafty, I made 10 pendants. Similar to scrabble tile pendants, but closer to the size of dominoes. I used images of reindeer, Santa, some vintage style Christmas cards (shrunk down to iddy-bitty), a pink owl, and a regular old deer. They are turning out super cute, which has me again playing with the idea of opening an Etsy store. But what would I name it? Suggestions welcome.

*Technically it was $6 later for dad. I don't carry that kinda cash around. Too rich for my blood.

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