Friday, October 9, 2009

Christmas stores now!

Does anyone else have no control when walking into a store with a Christmas display? I can't stay away from it. I have to examine every item, practical or not. There's a magnetic field that continues to pull me back to it if I try to move to something else. Seriously, Christmas decor for sale seems to be my own personal black hole. Today I wandered into Cost Plus and was (seemingly) supernaturally dragged to the middle of the store where Christmas was abundant. I watched in horror as a mother let her little girl run her hands through the display of hanging blown glass ornaments. Take a guess at how long that lasted before one broke. I ogled the adorable old fashioned ornaments, squealed at the dish running away with the spoon ornament. Eventually I appeased my Christmas craving by buying gingerbread. And let me tell you, it's gooood. Now to get some egg nogg to wash it down...

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