Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cup of Tea

Last weekend, Tim and I spent an exorbitant amount of money on loose tea. We were duped, plain and simple. A few weeks ago I'd walked past Teavana at Bellevue Square, and sampled a delicious chai. So, on Sunday, Tim and I were there, and I suggested we try it again. Well, he liked it too, so we thought, tis the season, let's get us some tea.

Well, those sneaky Teavana people had mixed two teas together to get the delicious flavor we were coveting. So, naturally, they tried to sell two pounds in an air tight container for upwards of $30. We haggled a bit, and convinced them to give us a tablespoon - I mean a quarter pound - of each and we'd use our own air tight container, much to their dismay. Then they tried to convince us to buy their special sugar. Unlike any other sugar in the world! I resolutely refused. I thought we'd squeak out of there around $10, but no. The tea alone was $17. Then, after we've paid they let us know, "Oh, by the by, you can't use any old loose leaf cage for this goodness. Buy one of our magic tea strainers for $75!" (Okay, that isn't literally what they said, but you get the drift.) Well, I wasn't going to give them any more money, because at this point I was feeling very tricked and abused. So, we decided we'd brainstorm and make it work, and left with our tiny amount of overpriced (but delicious) tea. At Target I picked up a Bodum loose leaf tea infuser thing for $12.99. So, we have all the necessities for an amazing cup of tea, for only $30! Sounds like a deal right? Eh-maybe not. But it is really good. Let me know if you want to come over for a cup. We'll work out a fair price point and then enjoy it together!

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