Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So tell me...

When did dresses and swim suit cover ups become synonymous? Seriously, looking at delias.com for Barbie dresses, the models in "dresses" are posed with models in swimsuits - I think because the photographer couldn't tell the difference. I went through Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe last night, and found the same issue. what I took for T-shirts they were advertising as prom dresses. I feel bad for the girls who buy these dresses. Can you imagine never being able to sit, or bend over, or cross your legs, you wiggle in the slightest? How on earth are you supposed to dance with Mr. Dreamy at Homecoming? I suppose leggings could help a bit, but as we learned from Bella's prom outfit in the Twilight movie, formal dresses and leggings (not to mention sneakers - egad!) don't play well together. Poor girls. I say we go back to knee length for awhile. Class and mobility...sounds good to me!

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