Friday, September 4, 2009

Present Time!

Tim brought me a little gift home from work last night.

I've been wanting this skirt for awhile now, but it was online only. That is, until some wonderful being ordered it and then returned it in store! Some wonderful being who wears my size! Now, for $16 this pleated lovely is mine! Thanks Tim!


  1. I visited a Martin & Osa for the very first time yesterday and thought of you guys. I LOVED IT!

  2. Hey, you need to get on facebook. I keep checking for you on there every once in a while and I see that you have still not joined. you would like it, and we could keep in touch better. Also, I thought of you because we helped Shay and Bethany move today and have been over to their apt. a few times in the last week, and how can I visit the Miami Retirement apartments without thinking of you? The sea shell light fixtures, the shallow swimming pool, the recreation room with a perpetual christmas tree... Made me miss you. Hope you're good. - Ashley

  3. I absolutely second Ashley with the Facebook suggestion--Join, please! And, I can't wait to see pics of your newly created shirt--I think even I could manage this one, and it looks super cute. :)