Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Pink (color not singer),

Let me start by saying, I will always love you.
We've had our ups and downs, as I'm sure you realize. There was the wall situation of 1990-1995. I'm sure you remember our love (90-92)/hate (93-95) relationship in that period.

And lets not forget the years of misguided hot pink spandex numbers.

Or the time I raked pink palmade through my hair in an attempt to look like Gwen Stefani, and you resolutely refused to wash out.

But then there were times that were undeniably wonderful. Like when all the cute shirts came out in various shades of you. And when I got sparkly eye shadow in the palest of pale pink. And of course, my favorite dress of all time starred you. It looked similar to this, except, of course, pink. I wore it every day!

And I love that you support breast cancer research. So know, Pink, that you will always have a place in my life - and in my heart.

But, lately I've been seeing another color. I resisted at first, but it's everywhere...and it brings out my eyes. So, I'm moving on. I'm declaring a new favorite. Not because of anything you's just time for teal.

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