Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Come and Gone

What did you do over the Labor Day weekend? I crafted, shopped a smidge, watched movies with Tim and played games with Tim and his parents.

The crafting consisted of making a second cute top using this tutorial. (Pictures to come shortly).

The shopping, you will be shocked to know, consisted of a trip to Martin and Osa, and a fruitless hunt for shoes to go with my jewel green dress.

The movies: We've had a rough go of movie choices lately (excepting Julie and Julia - that was great). We watched I Love You, Man - wow.

This is what I liked from that movie:

A shirt. That's all. Everything else about the movie was uncomfortable. But this beautiful shirt got 4 stars.

Then Tim and my dad went to see District 9. I opted out of this one, and evidently it was a good one to miss.

Then I went to the $1 movie box and rented BedTime Stories...not a bad movie, per say...but it may have been more enjoyable to watch with an 8 year old.

So, this weekend we were looking for a gooood movie. We picked up Sunshine Cleaning. While it was a good movie, it wasn't what we'd expected. We were looking for funny, light hearted, laugh until you cry kind of thing. This was not that. While it wasn't exactly dark, it was sad, and circled around disturbed characters in disturbing settings. It was good - but not what we wanted.

We finally found what we were looking for last night.

Ah....this movie hit the spot. We went to see it at the local Sticky Foot (which, was the scene of my first job in high school when it was a new and fancy theater.) It was so well done, so far fetched, so funny...and so sad. I'm not going to pretend it didn't take a lot of will power not to sob in the beginning of the movie. Most people probably wouldn't have this reaction, but for me the scenes were too familiar. But, sometimes you need a good cry, and this gave a good justification. Then we laughed a LOT for the next hour or so, then we cried some more. Then we laughed some more. Oh, it was great. I love the dogs...if you haven't seen this, you really should. It was everything we were wanting from a movie and more.

As far as the games go, we had quite the Settlers fest yesterday with Tim's parents. The first game went about 10 rounds, which is relatively short, and I beat everyone soundly. The second game went less than three rounds before Tim's mom whooped us all! Three rounds? Unheard of! Then we played some Boomblox on Wii (if you don't have this game, try to find it used, it's really fun and well worth the used price.) (If you don't have a Wii...seriously. Go. Get. One. Now.)

That was my weekend...how was yours?


  1. Ha ha.... I hate movie weeks like that. We got I Love You, Man from Netflix this week and I decided to check it out on Screenit.com before watching (should have done that before even ordering it) and after looking at all the junk in it, we just decided to send it back without watching. Haven't seen District 9, but I know David is wanting to... we shall see. Bedtime Stories- I felt the same way. And UP- I loved it. I think I want to own it. I'm still planning on seeing Sunshine Cleaning because I am curious, but I'll take note that it's not for a night when I want something to turn a frown into a smile. Let's see.... what movie insight can I give you? Post Grad- don't see it. It's a waste of time and has next to no plot and then doesn't even leave you feeling satisfied with the 1 minute resolution at the end. Blegh. Ummm.... I recently watched Peggy Sue Got Married which cracked me up simply because 50's highschool movies make me laugh. Holiday with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn is wonderful... and there was another one I watched this week that made me happy... oh yeah- It Could Happen to you with Nicholas Cage. It's from 1994, but is totally feel-good. Oh- and Bottle Shock is also good and interesting, but mostly because it is based in Napa Valley which is local, so I think it had me going with the pride of my home or something. So there ya go!! : )