Monday, September 28, 2009


Tim and I left work early on Wednesday and got all dolled up for Wicked. I wore emerald green for the occasion.

Before the show we grabbed dinner at The Dragonfish Cafe.

It was delicious, even while burning my mouth off (warning - when it says spicy, it means molten lava.)
Then on to the main event! Our seats were amazing, right under the time dragons head, about 6 rows from the stage (the orchestra was in a pit, so we were really right off the stage. The cast shot celebrating streamers in the beginning and a bunch landed on my lap and feet. Of course I took it home, it'll make it into a scrapbook sometime.
I had been telling myself that it wasn't Kristin Chenoweth playing Glinda since I bought the tickets, trying to avert disappointment. There was no need! Chandra Lee Schwartz played Glinda and she was phe-nom-i-nal. I loved it, Tim loved it, we both want to see it again. Man-oh-man. It was so good. If you get the chance, go!

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