Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reflection reflections

I've noticed that pretty much every time I catch my reflection lately I see my mom. I've always resembled my mom (often due to matching outfits), but now it's getting crazy. Like, spitting image. In a way it's kind of nice, almost as if I get to see her every day. But it's not really the looking at her that I miss. It's the talking, the crafting, her surprise notes, being able to call from the grocery store and confirm a recipe, her competitive (which is an understatement) nature, the unexpected sayings (Stick it! etc.), the hugs, the laughter...so much. I love knowing that this is temporal, and that I will see her again.


  1. you are incredibly gorgeous... just like your mom.

  2. oh erin i somehow came upon your blog and slipped into this post such lovely words and somehow the knowledge that all the best of ellen lives on in you she would be ever so happy and proud of her beautiful daughter much love maureen